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Since ancient time’s jewellery has been the most popular way to adorn our appearance.
Throughout the centuries and until modern times, Jewellery has become the most luxurious way to express our unique taste and personal style statement.
Now here is where I step in...

As a "second generation" industry specialist and with over 11 years of personal and international experience in the jewellery & diamond field, I have founded Sheyn Jewellery. With my distinguished experience in the art of jewellery design and also as certified gemologist, I can combine YOUR personal style and desires to create your one of a kind original jewellery work of art.

I take great pride in each piece and give personal attention to each and every detail, the quality of materials and strive to guarantee the full satisfaction for all my customers for their “one of a kind” finished jewellery.  Your vision and desire will reflect the beauty of your unique masterpiece

Looking forward to Design your Desire,

Lital Sheynhaft

Creating Process

I feel committed to creating exceptional and one of a kind jewellery pieces, which meet each of my client’s needs and vision.  My creative process begins with an initial client consultation to discuss and understand his/hers ideas, vision and budget. This is followed by a sketch visualizing the jewellery design that later can be edited and corrected to perfection.

Only once you are 100% fully satisfied with the design in mind we will "bring it to life" creating your beautiful masterpiece, with personal service, reliability, and integrity and giving attention to the perfection of the manufacturing process.


Diamonds & Precious stones consultation

I am a certified gemologist and together with my extensive experience in international diamond sourcing as well as my continued knowledge of the diamond and Precious stones market, I able to source and purchase any type of certified diamonds and rare precious stones at the most “charming” prices.

There are several factors that determine the price of a Diamond. Popularly known as the 4 C’s these main factors are, the Carat, Cut, Clarity and Color.
Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds known as Precious Stones have a different valuation system to Diamonds. The cutting will be faceted or cabochon, the color and it is very important to know if the gem is heated or unheated with natural color.  

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Quality control

As a professional jeweler I am committed to ensuring the standard of any of the pieces and I am present for all the steps of the jewellery production. This involves checking the mounting craftsmanship to guarantee that it uses the right material like gold or platinum and also that the gemstones are treated with the utmost care during the setting process.

After Sale Service

To bring back the sparkle to the jewellery, I accommodate my valued clients with a yearly complimentary professional jewellery cleaning service.

Additional services:
Jewellery resizing, repair, polish & rhodium plating services are also available.


One of a kind

As we all say, “Diamonds are Forever”. More than that they are rare and unique, Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds are even rarer. For every 10,000 White Diamonds you have only 1 Natural Fancy Colored Diamond.
Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green and Red Diamonds are the rarest and most valuable. Orange, Brown and Black are also popular but not as rare.
The Intensity of the color is the main factor that would determine the value of the Fancy Colored Diamond.     

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Jewellery is a starting factor on the loving journey of marriage and family. Through history jewellery has played a significant and traditional part to a unique love story. I create unique, special and intimate jewellery for my clients to reflect their own moments of love.

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Special collection

My own special and unique collection of jewellery is based on ancient coins from different countries. This collection uses innovative technique of combining history, precious gems with an extraordinary design and style.
Each piece of jewellery has its own special design to match the coins' history and to bring out its special story. I strive to bring the contrast of the ancient coin (which is not refurbished) against the diamond’s radiance. Each piece has a documentation which specifies all the details of the diamonds and materials used, the piece’s story and the coin history.

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